“My child has really enjoyed & benefited from doing the fitness sessions run by Steve since March. They are done in a relaxed friendly environment where boys & girls of all age groups mix while improving their agility, coordination & overall fitness together under his expert guidance.” Cardio Kids Anton father of Henry 10
“I signed up for Steve's fitness because I knew I needed to get stronger to prevent injury happening when playing because of my hypermobility. Steve has helped me get a stronger core for better balance and this prevents my back also getting injured. Now I can compete at county and national standard without getting fatigued or injured. cont.
One thing I enjoyed the most was that everyone was very supportive which made it easier to reach my goals and work harder. I found the experience very rewarding as I saw a massive improvement in my tennis and fitness around the court. I would recommend Steve Green's fitness sessions to people who enjoy fitness, working in a good environment and who need injury prevention and looking to improve fitness in their sport.” Teen Bootcamp Ellen 16
“Luca had been part of steve's fitness programme for well over a year, Luca struggles with certain static exercises because he is long limbed and tall. Steve has encouraged Luca and has pushed him past his perceived limits. There has been a definite improvement in Luca's flexibility and range of movement, this will undoubtedly support all the sports Luca does not just tennis.” Teen Bootcamp Mum of Luca 12

Health & Fitness Top Tips

1. Eat at the table together, families who have regular meals at the table with no distractions are more likely to be a healthy weight.
2. Include children in family activities – such as walking the dog, washing the car, mowing the lawn, or a family bike ride. They won’t see it as exercise, just fun.
3. Ban sweetened drinks from the home and drink water instead. Children tend to drink fewer sweet drinks when they’re not freely available in the home.
4. Make sure the whole family eats breakfast every day. Children are then less likely to later overeat. If short of time, choose fast yet healthy foods such as peanut butter wholemeal toast, porridge and fruit.
5. Drag the kids away from screens and get active as a family by walking, cycling, going to the park or swimming.
6. Go on an activity-focused holiday. It’s the perfect opportunity to get fit and have fun.
7. Camping trips are affordable and most children love being outdoors. There’s lots of opportunity for activity from putting up the tents to nature hikes.
8. Prepare your meals at home. You can control what you put in food, read the food labels and use healthier ingredients.
9. You don’t have to give up takeaways completely, just make smarter choices e.g. have mushy peas with your fish & chips and don’t eat all the batter.
10. Avoid large portions. Sizes have increased over the years and it’s one reason children have become overweight. Start with small servings and let your child ask for more if still hungry. For more Top Tips visit or Help & Advice page